Portfolio / Mixing

  • CC4

    The Cooking Channel

    Mixed, edited and cleaned up dialog on over 30 profile spots since network launch.

  • starwood2

    Starwood Luxury

    Music mix showcasing the use of depth, panning, and the ability to cohesively tie together a variety of instruments scored to picture.

  • espn

    ESPN SportsCenter – Champs/Foot Locker Ad

    A simple but effective spot showcasing several prominent brands.

  • pcr3

    PC Richard & Son

    Recorded, Mixed and delivered over 100 PC Richard advertisements since the launch of their new ad campaign in 2010.

  • United

    United Airlines In-flight Safety Videos

    Recorded, edited and mixed in-flight safety videos in over 30 languages. Currently played on every United Aircraft, this mix is heard by millions of passengers every year.

  • drive angry21

    Drive Angry – Comedy Central Promo

    Mixed several movie promos for Comedy Central. This showcases a more hard-hitting, in-your-face mix.