Portfolio / Original Music

  • xbox-one-logo-wallpaper-1024x576

    XBox One Launch Music

    Composed and mixed in 5.1 surround, this piece was written as a build for the Xbox One reveal, to be played in an auditorium and projected onto 6 large screens.

  • ION

    Ion Television Rebrand

    Composed, mixed and sound designed Ion Televisions rebrand package. Ion wanted a more 2.0, modern sound to complement their new image.

  • beginnings

    Beginnings Show Open

    Composed, mixed and sound designed show open for MSG network. Showcases the use of live instruments.

  • NF

    Ninja Factor

    Worked with software developer ChipotleLabs to create 30 SFX, theme music, and 2 original compositions for video game “Ninja Factor”.

  • MSG

    MSG Originals

    Composed+Mixed this bump/bed for MSG to showcase their original programming. The composition is hip-hop inspired and full of attitude.

  • reelz

    Reelz Channel Audio Rebrand

    Composed the mnemonic for Reelz Channel, then worked with other composers creating different variations of the theme.